Production Process

Pre-Production Planning:

  • PPIC (Pre-Production Planning, Implementation & Control) is a department recruited with highly skilled and trained professionals.
  • The team is responsible for production planning, in house designing and size grading with the help of Gerber Software’s right from order confirmation till delivery to the customer.
  • The department monitors information received from the merchandisers and then processes this into implementation by all departments of the factory through an extensive computerized networking system

Fabric Knitting:

  • The fabric has been knitted on fully computerized circular knitting machines that have single and double knitting capabilities.
  • Numerous fabric variety (Pique, Fleece, Single Jersey, Heavy Jersey, Ribs, Jacquards, Mesh etc.) are possible in gauges ranging from 14 to 28.

Fabric Dyeing:

  • Eco-Soft Automatic high Temperature & Atmospheric dyeing machines are being used.
  • Squeezing, De-Twisting, Slitting, Stanter, Impregnating & Planting on machines.


  • Falke Sports is using Gerber Garment Technology System which not only saves on wastage in layer cutting but also increases efficiency by doing away manual pattern drawing and ensures specs control in large production runs.

Embroidery & Printing:

  • All kind of embroidery, Appliqué and printing have been treated in-house on latest machines and technologies as per international standards.
  • The in-house embroidery department works on the embellishments that add a distinct identity to a garment.
  • Falke Sports  uses Tajima N-Series Computerized machines that have 20 head and 9 color and extended size capabilities up-to 30″ per pattern.
  • Heat Transfer machines for sublimation printing, transfer of plastisol labels and rubber coated printing with dryer are also been included in-house for printing on various fabrics


  • To accommodate the demand of our state of the art made-ups, we have established the Falke Sports  Stitching division. This division is equipped with advanced and up-to-date technology which enables us to efficiently mass produce in order to keep up with the growing desires of our customers.
  • This “Unit” is designed to maintain Falke Sports  product standards and consists of advanced equipment such as the latest automatic and manual sewing machines. Also present are Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatic machines including cloth spreading, cutting machines and multifunction sewing machines used as tools to tune in the counts.
  • The Unit is dust proof and environment friendly with ventilation facilitates to help our staff in maintaining our quality standards.
  • Presence of a sampling workshop and design studio enables us to have a broad spectrum analysis of the season’s trends.

Quality Control:

  • Falke Sports  Apparel unit is powered by the determination of setting the highest standards in quality. It has the technology of transforming the dreams of true quality into reality.
  • Thorough quality checks are conducted at every phase of production in order to meet the increasing demands of high standard materials by national and international consumers.
  • Control Shrinkage (Dimensional change), Piling resistance, Abrasion, Color fastness, washing fastness and light fastness are a few of the carefully monitored checks conducted at Falke Sports  to fully insure the highest quality standards.

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